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The IoT sensors use the LoRa WAN technology for the better coverage.


The data will be processed and the AI will calculate and monitor the quality index for the agriculture products continuously.


Temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors collect the necessary data through patented custom designed sensors.


The GreenSense dashboard provides the summary of the data in a user friendly dashboard and send a notifications when a anomaly detected.


The patented IoT devices specifically designed for the outdoor monitoring. The only thing which need to be done just to insert the spheres into the items that need to be monitored and turn the device on.

Green Intelligence App

The Green Intelligence web application is a user friendly dashboard that presents the results of the analysis from the IoT data. The anomaly detection algorithms run continuously in the background and the result of the analysis summarized in the easy-to-understand dashboard.

Long battery life around 5 years

CO2, Temperature and moisture sensors

Wireless communication through Long Range Wide Area Network

Machine learning algorithm for spoilage detection in advance

Demonstrate the 3D heat profile of the storage with few sensors

Water proof designed for humid environments

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