About Us

Our Company Pitch line

Green Smart Sense is an agriculture technology company with a focus on the industrial internet of things and artificial intelligence applications for the agriculture sector. We offer a platform for monitoring post‐harvest agriculture products and a proprietary index for measuring the quality of the products in the storage.

Business Summary

We do provide agriculture sensors plus software for analyzing the data through artificial intelligence. Our patented technology “Green Quality Index “can detect the hotspots through collecting data from wireless sensors in the stored grains and provide a quantifiable index to evaluate the quality of the stored grains. In case of any anomaly detection in the received data, the system sends a notification to the owners immediately.  Also, the implemented machine learning algorithm deployed to predict the quality of the grains in the storage for the next 3‐6 months. Our business model is a subscription‐based model and the hardware and software will be provided based on subscription. The customers can get access to the web‐based platform for monitoring the agriculture‐based products in the storage and enjoy continuous monitoring and medium‐term quality prediction for the stored grains.

Our Story

The core of Green Smart Sense is family members and friends. Growing up in a family with diverse talents of its children and strong bonding together let us to have various capabilities and work experience. While the intimate atmosphere recharges the spirits to overcome the obstacles and work diligently together.
Following becoming aware of the lack of a proper monitoring system in the agriculture segment, backed to the technical knowledge of Kimia and the experience of Mehdi, the first idea has come up and with the aid of Negin in operation and Amin’s guidance, we have succeeded to build up an efficient team and efficient solution. The previous experience of each party in the team enables us to create an impressive core to bring the best vision for our clients.



Green Smart Sense’s mission is to make the monitoring process of grain storage more efficient and easier. We make this possible by providing the required sensors and equipment as well as its binding software. This solution will serve all the market members in storing the grains from owners of small farms to silo owners or transporting companies. We aim to help every farmer (small or large) to get access to an affordable monitoring system for their crops.  


Green Smart Sense wants to be the most reliable and main player in the post-harvest monitoring industry in North America. The vision of our company is to provide a global quality index that globally can be used for various grains with farmers of all sizes. Our vision is to reduce the waste in the stored grain onsite and offsite by at least 25%.
Our vision is to reduce crop waste by 30% by the use of industrial IoT solutions for the agriculture sector.



In Green Smart Sense we will rely on the below core values:

  • Innovation and creativity to bring the best results
  • Flash forward to the customers’ requirements in future
  • Simplicity and accuracy in its offered solutions by following the KISS (Keep it simply stupid) principle for our product.
  • Give the most value to our customers’ network
  • Focus on reliable solutions, care for the environment, and minimize waste for every aspect of the product design and delivery.

Team Members

Amin Khodayari

Chief Executive Officer

Amin is a seasoned manager and CEO of Green Smart Sense. As a CEO, Amin is responsible for all aspects of the Green Smart Sense business including team leadership and recruitment, developing and implementing growth strategies, driving continuous improvement to create and own the go-to-market strategy for our new products by setting clear objectives and goals, researching and defining target audiences, developing marketing strategies and creating execution plans.

Kimia Khodayari

Chief Technology Officer

Kimia is a Chief Technology Officer with over 10 years of extensive software development experience. She has a bachelor's and master’s in electrical engineering with strong problem-solving skills. Kimia is skilled in project execution and end-to-end Software Design Life Cycle (SDLC) including planning, designing for commercialization, agile development, implementation, and maintenance.

Negin Khodayari

Chief Operations Officer

Negin's responsibilities include monitoring the company operation on a daily basis and supporting all main functions of the Green Smart Sense including sales, research, and development, finance, etc. In addition, she is also developing and coordinating global strategic partnerships, marketing plans, branding strategies, promoting advertising campaigns and marketplace enrollment, creating a robust network of enterprise partners, and go-to-market strategy.

Mohamad Mahdi Abolghasem

Vice President of Product

Mohamad Mahdi is an experienced engineer and industrial designer with a demonstrated history of working in the industry. He is skilled in team management, product development, and sales. Strong background in industrial design and product innovation.